how the right food can help protect against Parkinson’s

Hello dear friends. Our Foundation Help Parkinson out of the world wants to realize a Parkinson prevention study. We wish you all the best. Please let me know your comment.

My name is Leonie van Balen and I have 45 years of experience with Parkinson’s disease.
First 20 years with my mother in law and now already 25 years with my husband.
7 years ago I started my search with the question: How can I protect our children and grandchildren against insidious diseases like Parkinson’s.

When Parkinson’s can be diagnosed 70% of the black braincells are dead already. I’ve been to conferences, spoke to professors, doctors and experts. After reading multiple studies about celprotection trough nutrition, I was convinced that the right nutrition could improve my husbands situation. I asked my husband to alter his diet with ripe harvested fruit, vegetables and berries in dried form. In order to save the remaining 30% of his black braincells.

Only in the final stages of growth the secundary plant compounds come into the produce through the tree or shrub. These secundary plant compounds are what the body needs in order to take vitamins and minerals out of the produce. If a person eats an unripe apple these vitamins and minerals leave the body unused.

That change has led to a steady decline in my husbands Parkinson’s medications by more than 50% in 5 years time.
5 Years ago my husband drooled a lot. Already 4 months after changing his diet my husband had no more salivation. His shirt was dry.

The multidisciplinary guideline for addressing salivation (drooling)
in Parkinson’s disease (editorial board Prof. Dr. Bas Bloem) indicates:

1. Speech therapy, advising to swallow regularly
2. Atropine eye drops under the tongue
3. Injecting the salivary glands with botulinum to temporarily paralyze this function
4. Radiation in order to stop the salivary glands

In interviews with experts, it has become clear to me why
speech therapy and atropine did not help my husband.

Parkinson’s patients suffer from muscle rigidity, not only in the muscles that able you to walk
but also in facial muscles that allow you to speak and swallow, compare it
with the feeling you get after a long cold ice skating trip. Even a healthy person
then can hardly talk properly. The advice to swallow frequently has therefore
no use, it just doesn’t work because of the stiffness of the muscles.

Spraying Botuline and radiation we didn’t see as a good options. After all, it gives you a permanent dry mouth, which is not pleasant. And radiation often affects the taste.

By chance we discovered that a natural approach on salivation gives the best results.
Because of this his speech and audibility returned to their former state, according our friends.

The neurologist working in the Maasstad Hospital followed the entire reduction of the medication
with interest and saved it on his computer.
My search to see how this could happen brought me to the Epigenetics.

How a diet can have a preventive effect.
In epigenetics outside influences, substances you ingest
via, for example, your food, play an important role. They change the
readability of our DNA and ensure that certain genes are being expressed more or even less.
In addition, histone proteins and methylation play a crucial role.

During embryonic development cells receive a destination.
Genes are being turned on or off. All cells have the same DNA. But in
the heart other genes will be turned on or turned off than in a nerve cell.

All living organisms contain genetic material. On this hereditary
material all our characteristics are fixed. However, not all of these
characteristics are reflected in the various tissue types of the body.
It is the epigenome that determines which genes in the cells and tissues are being expressed.

Genome = 46 strands of DNA
The epigenome determines the readability of the DNA by the tight rolling
of the genome. Then there is no expression of the gene in question.
Methylation in the biology plays a particularly important role in the
epigenetics, the phenomenon of differences in phenotype, without the
underlying DNA sequence being altered. Cell differentiation in a
growing embryo is the best known example.

Simply said:
The epigenen are the bosses of the genes and can turn the readability on or off.
With our diet and lifestyle we can influence the epigenen favorable or unfavorable
and determine these conditions if we are going to develop a diseaseor not.

Neurologist Dr. Smits of the Maasstad Hospital asked Bas Bloem if the observation in my husband was an interresting statistic for a study.
His answer was that there first needed to be a budget. And as a result of this we established the Foundation Help Parkinson out of the world. The Foundation has three goals:

1. Helping fund a scientific study on Parkinson’s
2. The realization of a holiday chalet in the mountains, where Parkinson’s
patients can go on a well deserved holiday with their partner/carer. Included with care for the Parkinson’s patient.
3. Sharing information in a Parkinson¹s Grand Café, where also information
is shared about the complementary care.

How nice would it be for all the descendants of Parkinson’s patients
and our overall health costs if a group of interested
neurology students would prove the support of prevention in a
graduation project.

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